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A fully dimmable backlit image of the sky to transform any ceiling.

Ultra thin LED panels backlight a transparent print to create unique ceilings.

2900 Lumens

The only LED Panel to provide over 140 lumens per watt.

Glare Free
Illuminated from the sides and diffused for eye comfort.
Fast Delivery
Provided from a UK company for fast delivery.
595 x 595 mm
The perfect size for directly replacing standard ceiling lights.


Versatile Feature Lighting

Professional Practices
Add ambience with an interesting backlit picture of the sky on ceiling.
Wall and Ceiling Installation
Ultra thin only 14mm depth, Easily inset to surface level.
Office Spaces
Add colour and light to your office.
Replacing Natural Light
in window-less rooms, transforms lower ground floor apartments.
Why choose Skypanels?

Choose your Design

Select your Design

Starry Sky Design
Bright Sky Design
Foliage Design
Blossom Design
Beach Sky Design
Rainforest Design
Canopy Design